AE Dupondius, Hadrian
AE Dupondius, Hadrian

AE Dupondius, Hadrian

Hadrijanov dupondius


Kataloški broj: ROM/HA/B/0044

Hadrianov dupondius sa divnom patinom.

Težina: 8.3g.

Prečnik: 25mm.

Averse: IMP CAESAR TRAIANVS HADRIANVS AVG, Radiate bust to right, drapery on one shoulder

Reverse: ADVENTVS AVG SC(in ex.), PONT MAX TR POT COS II, Roma seated r. on cuirass and shield, resting on spear held in l. hand and clasping hands with Hadrian stg. right

Rome, AD 118

Sear 3654, RIC 554

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